December 24, 2010


Winter has come to the Plains, and the recent Winter Solstice coincided with a lunar eclipse. Many signs that winter is here. But, the real definition of the season may go beyond calendars...if you watch closely, the wildlife and people living on the Plains will tell you what season it is.

I've had the good fortune to escape city life for a few moments each fall to help my father with corn or bean harvest. Here are some thoughts about measuring the seasons on a farm.


Calendars define Winter by sun angles, latitudes, and solstices.
On his farm Winter always came at night
When he left the last field with the wagon half-full of corn.
He ushered in the new season when he snugged the gate’s wire over the post,
As the moon washed the field with a final blessing.
Ready for snow.

L. Powell
21 November 2010

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