October 6, 2012

Economic impact of landscapes in Nebraska

Ever wonder how much money comes from hunting and fishing and nature viewing (and etc.) in the United States and Nebraska?  The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has participated in a study to establish some estimates.  Watch the video below:  the quick answer--it approaches $2 Billion (with a "B"!) every year. 

As a comparison, net agricultural receipts in Nebraska has been hovering around $7-8 Billion each year.  I bet you didn't realize that Nebraska's landscapes were competing with production agriculture (Nebraska's largest portion of the economy) for such impact on Nebraskans?

My colleagues in Namibia train their students in wildlife and nature conservation to be proud of their contributions to their nation's economy.  We need to do the same in the US. 

Maybe we get stuck on teaching Aldo Leopold's "A Land Ethic"--and we try to convince everyone they should be 'doing conservation' for the general good feeling you get (by having a 'land ethic').  But, we miss the opportunity to make the point that conservation can pay!  It's a new way to think about wildlife education.

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