January 31, 2013

The Blues Rangers from Mississippi

Extending a land ethic to the next generation is an important task. From time to time, you find someone who has concocted a unique way to do this. I was impressed, today, by our lunch time entertainment at the North American Duck Symposium in Memphis, TN. Four 'forest rangers' with the USDA Forest Service in Mississippi have formed a blues band, known as the Blues Rangers. They have written songs to teach conservation to kids, and they sing in local schools.

We heard the Rattlesnake Blues, along with songs about invasive species, ducks (!), habitat fragmentation, and prescribed burning (one of the guys in the band is a prescribed burning specialist with the Forest Service). The video clip here is a song about neotropical migrants and how they suffer from loss of forest habitat...."they got nowhere to land!"

Enjoy, and think about ways you might follow suit?

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