November 14, 2016


There is surprise I suppose,
As one sits, satisfied, in the woods
And feels Fall surround you
With color and warm moments in a 
Sun-soaked morning.

Surprise for the deer hunter 
Or the startled bird watcher 
Who thought they had achieved 
A moment of high tranquility,

Satisfaction, and 
Wholeness with the Earth.

But then a tree lets go of its leaves, 
And the stillness is shattered.
If you were quiet,
And if the wind was low,
You heard the sound behind you.
A single snap, and then another,
Until a shower of golden 
Fineness comes fluttering down
To rest on the forest floor 
To leave the tree standing naked
And alone for Winter,

Until Spring. 

L. Powell, for Laura, 11/13/2016

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