August 31, 2011

Herding cats, Great Plains style!

I'm spending a couple days at a conference on decision-making in natural resource management.  The day's big winner for best video shown during a talk is below.  Last talk of the day was about the difficulties of working with stakeholder groups, because of their oft divergent goals and baseline beliefs.  Thus, the 'herding cats' theme. 

I think it's great.  Hope you enjoy it. 

Groups often express different values with regard to issues of importance in natural resources.  The current response to thecontrol of water levels (i.e., flood) in the Missouri River is a great example.  To me, this confirms that modern wildlife management needs to include training in conflict resolution and facilitation of groups.  And, as the video indicates...the satisfaction of 'bringing in the herd' at the end of the day makes the frustration worthwhile!

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