February 2, 2011

nu wAz 2 read Leopold

I'm working on a t-shirt design for students in our Fisheries and Wildlife major. After receiving several emails from students who use the now-common texting shortcuts (e.g., the title of this blog post is "New ways to read Leopold" in popular English), I decided to cave in.

Why not harness the texting craze for the t-shirt? So, I'm taking votes on Facebook for their favorite Aldo Leopold quote, using text language. All three quotes are very commonly used quotes on the backs of wildlife t-shirts, for student groups around the country. But, I've never seen any in text language. Always on the cutting edge, here!

Can you decipher these (or, should I say "cn u desIfer deez)?"

"IM glad Ill nt B yung ina fucha w/o wilderness."

"der r sum hu cn liv w/o wyld fings n sum hu cnot"

"We abuse l& coz we C it as a commodity belonging 2 us. wen we C l& as a comunity 2 wich we Blong, we may Bgin 2 uz it W lov n respect."
If you're the member of another generation, and you want to connect with your Millennial friends, you can translate English into texting at this web site (also can go backwards to English if you receive something you can't understand!).
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