January 20, 2011

Living with lions in Namibia: family presentation

Last fall, our family was invited to give a talk about our year in Namibia. The invitation came from the School of Natural Resources, and our presentation was on a Tuesday evening for the public.

Since then, we've had lots of inquiries about that talk, and whether it was available as a video. Our genius multi-media people in the School of Natural Resources have pieced together a video of our presentation, along with close-up views of the slides that we showed.

Our title was "Living with lions in Namibia: how a year and three suitcases changed our lives". Kelly shares her experiences with orphans and vulnerable children, and Tristan shares some of his most memorable experiences, as well.

So, if you're interested, enjoy! You can link to the video as this web page: go here.

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  1. This was fantastic to watch - thanks so much for sharing!