January 23, 2011

Photo road show continues: City Campus Union

In the past year, we've displayed our photo show, "Beneath the Sands: a photojourney of our year in Namibia" in 4 different locations. We've certainly gotten good mileage of the display we created to bring home the sights and emotions of our Fulbright year. We can add one more gallery to our list---bringing our total to 5 shows.

During the next week (Jan. 24-28), the show will be in the Rotunda Gallery in the Nebraska Union on City Campus at UNL. It's right by the food court, near the north door of the Union.
The Show is a good mix of animals, people, landscapes and some poetry thrown in for good measure. The entire family gets in on the act.

Feel free to stop by any time during the week, if you have somehow missed the other displays! Every time we display the photos, the show looks a bit different. This may be the most 'professional' display, yet--it's a very nice space.

If you can't come see the photos, you can view them (along with descriptions of the stories behind the photos) here. The file is about 8MB, so be patient. The poetry in the show is for sale as a book (accented by photos from the Photo Show).
As we finished hanging the photos in long, straight (hopefully!) rows, Kelly reflected that some couples have trouble hanging one picture together. "That's not level!" "Yes it is!" "No!" "You're moving the measuring tape!" ....
Well, we hung 38. Five times! As of this writing, we're still together. It's the beauty of the Fulbright Experience.

Our thanks to Fulbright for the experience, the galleries for their invitations, and to Dee Ebbeka for helping us create the display.

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